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The Value of Test Turnaround Time

Posted by Derek Stevens on May 3, 2017 3:33:00 PM

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While most molecular genetic test results are not needed immediately to alter patient care, we realize getting to a result faster is clinically important. The time required to report a case may be impacted by the size of the gene, the number of genes on a panel, the testing methodology employed, the need to reanalyze a portion of a gene that is difficult to sequence, and the research time needed to properly interpret findings. It’s important that all diagnostic laboratories strike a correct balance between these factors and clinical need.

Every effort is made to return results in a reasonable time frame. Healthcare providers may assist the process by making sure any clinically relevant information is included with the sample. Be cautious of laboratories offering unusually quick turnaround times. To achieve a fast turnaround, laboratories may be cutting short the amount of time needed to do a thorough results interpretation, leading to a subpar analysis for your patients and possibly lengthening the diagnostic odyssey. Reputable and established laboratories will often have very similar turnaround times.   

Two months ago, EGL Genetics moved into its new, state-of-the-art facility located in Tucker, Georgia. One of the main objectives for our expansion into a laboratory space four times the size of our previous laboratory was to increase capacity; not only to support the growth we’re experiencing, but also to improve upon the turnaround time (TAT) for samples we receive.

We're pleased to announce as of May 1st, we’ve reduced our TAT for all next generation sequencing panels (NGS) to 6 weeks or less. This is another critical step in our EGL Genetics 2.0 Initiative that focuses on improving what we do to better serve our clinicians, their patients, and their patients’ families. We are confident we will deliver on these improved turnaround times without sacrificing any of the quality of reporting, for which we are known.

Stay tuned, as we rollout additional service enhancements and testing options to better serve the genetics community.

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