EGL Genetics Blog

The LHON Genealogy Project

The Value of Test Turnaround Time

The Autism Dad — A Proud Father

Latest Findings in Autism Research

Defying Limitations for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Beating the Odds — 35 Years with Trisomy 18

In Memory of Aaron — How You Changed Our Lives 

Divide, Recombine, Repeat With Dr. Sherman

Trisomies: More Common Than You Think

New Evidence May Suggest Earlier Screening for Colorectal Cancers

Rare Disease Day: With Research, Possibilities are Limitless

The EGL Genetics 2.0 Initiative - Ready For Launch!

Brugada Syndrome: A Rare Cardiac Disorder

The Rare & Undiagnosed Family

A Mother's Plea - Lobbying For Canavan Disease Research Funding

PPMD Awards Gene Therapy Grant

My Beautiful CHILD: Victor

A Mother Paying it Forward

An Undiagnosed Rare Disease Times 4! Meet the Szajnuk Family.

2016 Year in Review

MPS 1: The Honest Truth About My Disorder

Thursday is National Family Health History Day!

EGL Features The Miller Family For National Caregivers Month

My Beautiful CHILD Spotlight on Gaucher Disease

Meet the Team: Spotlight on Emory's Down Syndrome Clinic

Media Buzz Steers Genetic Testing Policy and Reimbursement

October is Gaucher Disease Awareness Month!

My Beautiful CHILD: Zachary & Grace

EGL Supports Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Day

CDG Care Mission and Purpose: Making a Difference in the CDG Community

How Sickle Cell Disease Changed My Life

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community Celebrates SMA Awareness Month in August

Genetic Testing for Duchenne & Becker: When Is Re-Testing Needed?

Exome Del/Dup Analysis: What You Are Not Analyzing May Hold the Answer

Freeing the Data with EmVClass: Variant Classification Database

World Renowned LHON Expert Discusses Clinical Trial

The Genetic Counselor Corner - Focus on the Eye Clinic

Mother Turned Advocate After Son’s LHON Diagnosis

AAO Recommendations for Genetic Testing of Eye Disorders

The Marcus Autism Center Discusses Research and Mission

Unique, Not Disabled: An ASD Narrative

Comprehensive Genetic Testing for Autism

Exploring the Autism Spectrum

The EGL Family of Clinical Guides

2016 Brings Exciting New Developments to EGL

Colorectal Cancer: Hope Against All Odds

6 Points to Consider About Expanded Carrier Screening

Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screening: A Tool for Family Planning

The Cardiovascular Panel: Testing for 12 Types of Inherited Cardiac Disease

Batten Disease: A Community Strong in Resources and Love

Genetic Testing for Cardiac Disorders: A Clinician's Guide

The Voice of Rare Disease Day: Are You Listening?

Video: EGL Medical EmExome: Clinical Exome Sequencing

Single Gene, Panels or Exome...How do I choose?

A Clinician's Guide to EGL's Medical EmExome

Join Us For An Educational Webinar on EGL's Medical EmExome

Video - Genetic Testing for Neurologic Disorders at EGL

Comprehensive Genetic Testing and the Diagnosis of Fabry Disease

Celebrating 45 years under our lab coats!

EGL is a Proud Supporter of Decode Duchenne, Jain Foundation, and the LGMD Consortium

Breaking Down Batten Disease

This Season, We're Thankful for National Family Health History Day!

What to Do When Someone is Having a Seizure

Clinical Presentations of Common Neurologic Disorders

EGL Supports Epilepsy Awareness Month!



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